Neon Nails

Now, in a Tupperware tub in one of my colleagues drawers (yes, we have an office nail polish box!) is one of my favourite nail polishes. When Friday rolls around I slap this on my nails during my lunch break and I just adore the bright colour. No, it’s not demure and no, it’s not suitable for work but it just screams summer and I’m pretty sure I have a lipstick to match somewhere.

It’s a really rich colour which needs two coats for a streak free finish. The wear is fairly average, polish always chips on my nails very quickly so for me to get 48 hours wear chip free is really unusual. I get little chips after abut 24 hours but I do my washing up and cleaning without gloves on.
The only downside with this polish is that it dries to matte colour and with less impact, the best way to revive that is with a top coat which brings back the intense colour and increases shine. Even a cheap and cheerful one from the Asda make up range does the job!
I took this with flash on my phone because it showed the colour up so much better! It’s amazing isn’t it? You can buy it from shops like Xtras on the high street or from this eBay seller here for about £4!


  1. nice color!

    xoxo milla

  2. I love that color!!!!! What an adorable blog!


    Hopefully you can check out my blog...follow each other? :)

  3. I super love it! I like the color for it is so girly. I find it classy and elegant. I want to try this color by weekend.


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