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Evening Ladies,
I trust you all had a good weekend? Mine was pretty brilliant, on Saturday I went to visit my boyfriend down in Woking for the afternoon. He as at a point in his military training where he now gets 5 hours on a Saturday afternoon to himself with permission to leave the base. Having not seen him for 3 weeks I hopped on a train or 4, it was a bit stressful getting there what with Pride being on and Race Day at Esher but it was totally worth it though. We had a lovely lunch (Nando’s, military discount, get in!) and a good catch up and a cuddle which I think we both really needed. This initial phase 1 training has been really tough. He also gifted me with these beautiful Chloe sunglasses. 
SHOCK. I’m pretty sure I don’t own anything designer and I love the ‘ombre’ edges. Only four weeks until I see him again, I wonder what he’ll give me then?? JUST KIDDING. Well, actually…
Today i had a major pyjama day before taking my sunglasses for a walk to Asda. Isn't life exciting!?

Anyway, where was i? I’ll start talking beauty again now!
My mum gave me this Clinique soap for my birthday back in May which I was delighted to receive as I get hormonal spots around my mouth and on my forehead. She really is very good to me, she toddled off to Clinique and spoke to the counter staff about skincare etc. Love you mum!
When I opened it I was really impressed, the soap bar is really quite big, it’s 150g, and comes with a smart little soap dish which has a clever little bit on the bottom to drain water preventing the soap from sitting in water and getting a soggy bottom. No one likes a soggy bottom. 

I do really enjoy using this, you just wet your hands and lather the soap between them before smearing it across your sleepy little face and rinsing off. I have been using it on a morning to wash my face and on an evening when I can’t be bothered to cleanse properly.  It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and doesn’t make the rash I get around my mouth worse. I haven’t noticed anything miraculous in terms of preventing my spots but I do keep swapping around my cleansers, I really need to stick to a specific skincare routine before I could make a valid judgement about that. There isn't a particular scent, it just smells like 'soap' which i like however, don't get it in your eyes because you'll regret it!

For £14.00 you can pick this up at any Clinique counter in stores like Boots, Debenhams etc and on their website here.  You can also get a 100g bar for £11.00. I don’t use mine as part of Cliniques 3-step skincare programme, I muddle it in with other products I’ve been using, but I have heard only good things about a lot of the Clinique skincare products!
What do you use to cleanse your face with?

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  1. Hmmm...impressive. I think I wanna try this soap too. I have heard so much about clinique products and many said that they are good in quality. I'll go and check this out.


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