Honey, I'm home.

It's been more than a little while hasn't it people?
Although i am sure no one really noticed that my little blog has been dormant! Over the past few months my regular blogging habit has fallen by the wayside as life (a new job, new home and a boyfriend who is now a soldier) has got on top of me but after a few words of encouragement from my sister i am back. I have still been reading beauty blogs, almost daily now i have my iphone and can use the Bloglovin app, and my obsession with beauty products is very much alive. I went to an event at Harvey Nichols this evening and just about bullied my mum into trying some Laura Mercier products! My product stash is bigger than ever before so keep your eyes peeled. I have lots to tell you!


  1. Your brown coat looks good on you. Although I've been seeing this kind of design, I can't help but be at awe when I saw you wear it. Looking at the picture, you seem to look like Drew Barrymore to me. :)

    Joel Salmon

  2. Wow I like here fur coats it looks so beautiful and can warm the entire body, I hope I could be designer fur coats so I can make my own. Thanks!


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