The perfect winter lip colour.

I’ve never tried Look make up products before but since the colder weather hit I have been trying out darker lip shades and couldn’t let this one get away from me when I spotted it in Superdrug.
Look Loud Lips ‘Berry Vamp’ is a lovely deep plum red shade, perfect for these chilly months and fairly similar to Cheryl Cole’s X Factor look that we all went a little mental over. (Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about!)

Berry Vamp is moisturising, long lasting and well pigmented. The lipstick itself is fairly firm, if you wanted to apply it without lip liner or a brush you could manage quite easily although Berry Vamp does soften around the edges of your lips. It looks pretty to begin with but does bleed out later on.

 The packaging is beautiful but the lid is magnetic, I’m not always convinced it’s going to stay shut when I pop it in my handbag so stick it somewhere safe if you are taking it out with you!

A shade like this might take a little more confidence to wear than your usual lip colour but it’s so beautiful and this one will suit so many skin tones.
If you are looking to get into lipstick, you could do a lot worse than these and for £7 it’s not the end of the world if you don’t like the shade on you. (Pass it on to someone who will appreciate it!)


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